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"An expedition of the soul which, even as I write this, moves me to tears not just for having been there but for the partaking, for the witnessing, and for self I discovered in all that grew and moved there and lives yet wtihin me here."

With my thanks and love,

Guest comments

Thank you to Endeavour Safaris for looking after me so well during my stay in South Africa.
Professor Stephen Hawkins

As someone who is a lifelong wheelchair user you get used to the fact that all sorts of holidays or exciting trips are often beyond you because of the perceived access difficulties. So going on safari in Botswana seems like a ridiculous proposition. Not for Endeavour Safaris it's not! My wife and I recently spent a glorious holiday under canvas exploring what the Okavango Delta has to offer. The scenery was fantastic, the wildlife amazing and the birds were simply stunning! To say that it was one of the best holidays we've ever had is an understatement. The Endeavour Safaris team provided everything and had thought of everything. Nothing was too much trouble and when difficulties were encountered they always came up with a "cunning plan" to get round the problem. By definition going on safari would be arduous for most people and for wheelchair users it would appear to be impossible but that is simply not the case. We have the utmost respect for the Endeavour staff for whom nothing is too much trouble. Put your trust in the Endeavour safaris team and give this holiday a go you definitely won't regret it.
Phil and Sue Friend

Hi, my name is Matt Berry and I am 13 and have Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Last year my Mum took me on a brilliant safari holiday to Botswana. We went with Endeavour Safaris and I was able to stay in my electric wheelchair all the time, which was really good. They had a massive truck with a hydraulic ramp so I could drive in and then see out the side as we went along. I saw loads of animals like elephants and hippos and a lioness with her kill! At night we slept in a real tent and our safari guide, Mike, and his helpers lifted me into bed. We heard a leopard one night; it was really cool! The food was great too. Our cook was called Revenge and she made fantastic meals in the middle of nowhere. Even my Mum can’t cook that well in our kitchen at home! It was all so brilliant and I was so well looked after. I would say to anyone in a wheelchair who wants to go on safari that they should go with Endeavour Safaris.
Matt Berry

Smarti is a Dutch organisation (www.smarti.nl) . For more than 10 years Smarti, has organised trips and holidays for disabled people: what you can do, is the motto. This Smarti formula is also the inspiration for volunteers who participate in the holidays. In 2008 and 2009 Smarti worked together with Endeavour. The spirit of the Endeavour crew to make journeys for disabled people in the African continent accessible, joyful, attractive and full of adventure is not only a promise, but also a reality. From Europe it’s a long way to travel, but worth the travelling and the money. The country is beautiful, the wildlife is a dream and the camping experience is something you never forget.
We had a great time, not only because we had the opportunity to travel to Africa (Botswana, Zambia etc) but also because of the way Endeavour accompanied us. Can you imagine, you arrive at the airport, after a long and heavy trip, and there is this crew of Mike and his guys. Everything is arranged. They make you feel comfortable from the first moment you arrive. The vehicles are 100% designed to travel with (electric) wheelchairs. The comfort on the ‘regular’ ways is perfect. Going into the jungle, it sometimes can be bumpy, but the drivers know how to drive. Sometimes there are these roads, you can hardly call them roads….but that is also part of nature and the adventure. Going out of your normal life to feel and experience another country. The stops along the way were a lovely experience as well. Nice atmosphere.

Staying over in the jungle in tents, with the campfire, the comfort of beds and the amazing cooking and service of the staff, is something our whole group still talks about. Waking up and feeling this enormous beauty of nature, you only hear the rhythm of your own heart and this typical voice of the jungle.

We even had some rain (hmm… we think the rainy season started a little early last year… end of November 2008)). The knowledge of the rangers about nature, birds, the habits of the big five is skilled, you can learn as much as you want. We were travelling with volunteers, but the staff, in our opinion, is very helpful, you can rely on them. Endeavour also makes sure that you feel safe in the bush.

The few problems we had with the wheelchairs were solved the same day. For most of our group it was a lifetime experience. We felt very special to live so close to nature in the territory of all these beautiful animals and species. Mike and Silvia can be very proud. Endeavour started as an idea: that disabled people should also enjoy Nature’s beauty. Running an organisation now, which is even involved in getting a better position for disabled people in south Africa, makes us proud to have travelled with Endeavour.
Smarti goes Botswana 2008

First at all, happy New Year 2008 at all your team, the trip was so well organised and we spend an awesome and unforgettable experience especially on Orange River !!! So Lekker !!!!!
Especially thanks to Silvia and the Endeavour Team who have been really proactive and efficient all the way.
I will not hesitate to contact you again for our next trip to Bostwana around September 08.
Bahia Dankie !!!!
Fabien and Ariane

Thank you both so much for making our safari a great and happy adventure. Our trip was fantastic thanks to your care and concern for us all. I still cannot believe we saw so many animals and birds. Some friends of mine who went to Kenya saw practically nothing the first week they were there, so thanks to your knowledge and expertise, Mike, we were very lucky. Even if it did mean a leopard prowling round the tent at night!! Please pass on my thanks again to Revenge, Ninja, Mumba and Blessing. I am still in awe of Revenge's ability to create 5* meals on a bush oven!! With very many thanks for a fantastic holiday and thanks too to all your team in Cape Town.
Good wishes from Jenny

Thanks again for all your support and for the organization that had been perfect!!
Elisa Calciolari

In a word let me say that your efforts resulted in a journey that gave Charla a most enjoyable, comfortable and exciting two weeks; and for me an expedition of the soul which, even as I write this, moves me to tears not just for having been there but for the partaking, for the witnessing, and for self I discovered in all that grew and moved there and lives yet wtihin me here.
With my thanks and love,

I wanted to send my appreciation to Mike and Silvia for the pleasure of our safari. Their experience in organising such safaris made the trip a relaxing time. Over and above the excellent organisation of the safari, the people who helped us and cared for us were most empathetic. Mike’s driving, knowledge and professionalism enhanced our enjoyment and delight in viewing the animals and interaction with the other people on the safari and those people we met throughout the journey. It was also most kind of Silvia to have us at her home for lunch and for her original contact with me.
Botswana 2011 - Margo and Jane Hodge