walking safaris in botswana

If you consider yourself adventurous, and would like to appreciate some of Botswana’s most pristine places on foot, then you have come to the correct place.

Our country is mostly flat, which means the walking need not be very strenuous, but an adventurous mind is key to making the most of this adventure.

We operate our walking products in three different areas of Northern Botswana. They can be divided into Kalahari, Central Okavango and Eastern Okavango.

We do have scheduled departures for this programme, which can be booked on an individual basis, or as a private group. Further to this you may request your own dates and tailor-make the tour to suit, which we can confirm based on availability.

These products are about having a mixture of experiences and choices as well as adding an active part into the trip. We have from extreme walking to where it just forms a part of the trip. When contacting one of our experienced consultants, please advise them of the level of seriousness you would expect from the walking aspect.

All the areas in which we walk there is the possibility of meeting some of our larger wildlife, in their natural habitat, which adds to the adventure. Therefore the walking is done in a slow, secure manner, whereby we try to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Whilst we are in the Kalahari, we try to combine some of our activities with local bushman from the region, and when walking in the Okavango be prepared for various water crossings, which enables us to reach remote islands and experience the true meaning of this vast wilderness area.

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